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“It has been my pleasure to refer commercial litigation clients to Chuck. My clients have been pleased with his legal services. I expect to continue to refer clients to Chuck.”

– Estate planning attorney, St. Paul, MN

“Chuck is a very thoughtful and proactive practitioner who understands the business and legal impact of recommendations and decisions. Chuck brings a diverse and valuable skillset to the table by virtue of having in-house corporate legal experience together with litigation and trial experience.”

– Securities attorney, Minneapolis, MN

“Chuck has the rare combination for an attorney: Humility, talent, and excellent listening skills. His ability to truly understand our goals, appreciate the limited funds we had available to spend on the challenges we needed assistance on allowed us to resolve the issues cost effectively with little disruption to our day-to-day business.”

– Business executive, Minneapolis, MN

“Chuck is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. He takes time up front to thoroughly understand the engagement and then acts. Chuck gives excellent guidance based on his experience and ever present good judgment.”

– Senior manager, Edina, MN

“I hired Chuck to handle a highly sensitive issue for my business. Chuck took the time to listen to all of the details. He provided his advice and listened to my feedback. He handled the issue very thoroughly and professionally resulting in a favorable outcome.”

– Former client, Minneapolis, MN

“Chuck was lead attorney for clients of mine. He consistently and carefully guided the clients through complex litigation to obtain good results in difficult circumstances. Chuck is thoughtful and able to guide a team to make prudent choices. He is not afraid to take risks where appropriate.”

– Patent attorney, Minneapolis, MN

“I met Chuck during a very complicated negotiation involving many parties. Chuck represented the company as its attorney, including a difficult lawsuit. He was reasonable but aggressive in representing his client, and guided a multi-party settlement that was crafted into a win-win for all involved.”’

– Entrepreneur, Wayzata, MN

“Chuck is the quintessential professional with utmost regard for integrity and transparency. Chuck will not mince words when it comes to assessing a situation and you can count on him for direct, honest feedback. He is a team player interested in advancing the goals of the entire organization, and is always willing to step up when there’s work to be done.”

– Executive director of non-profit organization, St. Paul, MN

Provided excellent preparation of Complaint and related facts along with the follow up Discovery and Documentation Requests. Chuck has a sound grasp and knowledge of how business related matters intertwine with the legal complexities. He not only drafts a sound Complaint, Summary Judgment Response Memo but also presented the same at a recent Summary Judgment Hearing with clear and convincing articulation.

– Managing Partner – Coldwell Banker Commercial

I have been and am a client of Charles Shreffler. He has and is representing me in cases of dispute with former companies. I am completely satisfied with the way he represents me.

– Strong recommendation for Charles R, Shreffler, Jr.